Catch a Ride on the City's Most Iconic Moving Landmark

cable car san francisco

There is no more famous sign of San Francisco than the city’s cable cars.

Sure, it may be touristy, but that’s what vacation is all about, and your visit to the city won’t be complete without a ride on these historic cars. As the very first city to launch cars pulled by cables underneath the street, no experience is more authentically San Francisco than this, which was first invented nearly 150 years ago. Hop on the on-the-go national landmark along the Powell/Hyde line to enjoy the breeze and unbeatable bay views as you make your way down the hill. Once you’ve reached the end, keep the adventure going and round out your afternoon with drinks at the Tonga Room! This tropical tiki bar has delicious cocktails, live music, and thunderstorms to complete the vibe for a fun, immersive experience.