Get a Bit of Disney, Minus the Crowds

Get a Bit of Disney, Minus the Crowds

One of the many benefits of visiting California is having the opportunity to go to Disneyland, the park that started it all. But, while in San Francisco (and if you want to avoid lines and crazy crowds) there is no better place to get your Disney fix than at The Disney Family Museum. An interactive animation museum featuring the life of Walt Disney and the evolution of Mickey Mouse, this museum promises to be as much fun as the amusement park but indoors and nice and close to the Harbor Court Hotel.

Getting a look at the man behind the mouse is a unique experience that not many would want to miss and who better to tell his story than his Daughter Diane, the founder of the museum. Focused on animation, you’ll soon find yourself reminiscing about your favorite childhood movies. The museum’s goal is to inspire creativity and drive to pursue your wildest dreams, something that Walt himself had done when he decided to produce a full-length animated movie and then build the first ever theme park. The museum includes videos, drawings, art, toys, and a full model of Disneyland. Even the most skeptical of visitors won't be able to help their sense of wonder and amazement at all the accomplishments one man was able to achieve while constantly facing naysayers. The museum is a 20-minute drive from the Harbor Court Hotel and admission starts at $20 for adults.

Once you’ve gotten full on nostalgia, head back to The Harbor Court and indulge in a delicious Japanese meal at Ozumo.

Address: 104 Montgomery St, San Francisco

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