Get a Cool New View of San Francisco Bay at the Bay Area's Premier Aquarium

One of the great treasures of the San Francisco Bay Area scientific community, the Aquarium of the Bay affords visitors the opportunity to get up close to the fascinating and awe-inspiring marine life that make the Bay Area such a vibrant and unique aquatic ecosystem. You’ll meet around 20,000 marine animals native to the Bay Area, all lovingly housed in 700,000-gallons of water and 300 feet of transparent viewing tunnels. Marvel at eight-foot sevengill sharks, incandescent schools of jellyfish, regal leopard sharks, skates, rays, and much more. The newest addition to the Aquarium of the Bay family is Octavio, a Giant Pacific Octopus. Like all Giant Pacific Octopi, Octavio can change colors in an instant, move upwards of 700 lbs with his eight arms, and solve complex puzzles (octopi are extremely intelligent and bore easily without proper intellectual stimulation). In addition, the friendly, expert staff at the aquarium are eager to answer any questions you might have as you explore. After spending a day in this underwater wonderland, you’ll never look at San Francisco Bay the same way again.

Address: 2 The Embarcadero & Beach St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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