Sample NoCal's Freshest Organic Produce at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

San Francisco, like so much of California, has long been at the forefront of innovation, and that means creating environmentally sustainable ways for residents and visitors to live and play in our beautiful, historic city. That’s why we’re proud to recommend the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, a triweekly California Certified Farmers Market that’s showcased some of California’s best sustainable farmers for over 20 years. Comprising up to 100 vendors in stalls setup outside San Francisco’s historic Ferry Building, this farmers market takes place year-round in all weather conditions on Saturdays from 8 to 2, and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 2. (There’s so much on offer at the market, we can’t pick a favorite, but this time of year, we’re especially fond of the plump, crisp apples from Devoto Gardens & Orchards, as well as the sweet apian treats from The Honey Ladies.) Best of all, Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is just a 5-minute walk from Harbor Court Hotel, making this emporium of plenty a must-see during your stay here in the Golden City.

Address: 1 Ferry Building, #50, San Francisco, CA 94111

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