Dive Into the Unexpected at the California Academy of Sciences


San Francisco may be known as a hotspot for dining, shopping, and entertainment, but our love for history, science, and the arts are second to none.

With dozens of museums, historic sites and galleries to choose from, it might be hard to select just one or two to visit, but the California Academy of Sciences is not to be missed. Whether you have a love of the deep sea or deep space, you’ll find it here. Their Steinhart Aquarium is one of the most biologically diverse and interactive aquariums in the world, and home to nearly 40,000 live animals, while the Morrison Planetarium offers a 75-foot-diameter dome screen depicting the most accurate and awe-inspiring display of the skies above. Explore the museum’s four-story rainforest, or wander through the natural history exhibit with hands-on displays and specimens including a towering T-Rex. Those with a passion for exploration and discovery will find the California Academy of Sciences to be one of the highlights of the city.