• pier

    Fisherman's Wharf Is a Must-See Stop in San Francisco

    January 07

    Lined with fresh seafood, sweet treats, and souvenir shops, Fisherman’s Wharf has become synonymous with San Francisco.

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  • amaniceskatesinthebackground

    Holiday Happenings in the City

    December 03

    Deck the halls and pour a cup of cheer, the month of December has so many fun, festive happenings to enjoy for the holiday season. No matter how you celebrate, we hope a few of our favorites will bring wonderful memories and magical moments to you and yours. Happy holidays!

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  • christmastreelights

    Welcome the Holiday Season at Union Square

    November 05

    There’s no better telltale sign that the holiday season has arrived in San Francisco than the annual tree lighting in Union Square. This time-honored tradition gathers the community for the illumination of Macy’s Great tree with more than 1500 ornaments and a dazzling display of more than 30,000 lights.

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  • Fountain Waterfall at San Franciscos Yerba Buena Gardens

    Yerba Buena Gardens: Tranquility in the Heart of the City

    October 01

    With the largest fountain/waterfall on the West Coast, impressive public art installations, and an abundance of refreshingly green, cool, and quiet spaces, the Yerba Buena Gardens is a city dweller's paradise. Encompassing two full blocks of public parks, it’s located between Third and Fourth Streets and Mission and Folsom Streets in downtown San Francisco.

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  • Shark among coral

    See the Bay in a Whole New Way at the Aquarium

    September 03

    One of the most iconic features of any American city, San Francisco Bay has long been associated with romance and cosmopolitan adventure, in film, TV, and books. But the Bay is more than just the breathtaking panoramic views it affords from above.

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  • Person buying an apple at a farmers market

    Sustainable Living and Eating at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

    August 06

    At the Harbor Court Hotel, we’re dedicated to promoting environmentally sustainable practices, and that’s one big reason we’re so happy to recommend the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

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  • San Francisco street with Alcatraz in the distance

    Escape from Alcatraz

    July 02

    What do Al Capone, James “Whitey” Bulger, and Basil “The Owl” Banghart all have in common? If you guessed that they were all inmates at America’s most notorious prison, you’re absolutely right. 

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  • Man playing saxophone

    San Francisco Jazzes up June with the 36th Annual SFJazz Fest

    June 03

    As one of the leading cosmopolitan centers of artistic innovation, San Francisco has long attracted the finest musicians from around the globe to its hallowed stages. This month the 36th annual San Francisco Jazz Festival continues that tradition with two weeks of outstanding performances that showcase the many varieties of jazz heating up nightclubs and concert halls from California to Kathmandu.

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  • San Francisco bridge and bay

    Fort Point: A Bit of History Tucked Beneath the Golden Gate Bridge

    May 08

    In 1794 Spanish forces constructed the Castillo de San Joaquin, fortified with up to 13 cannons, at the southern entrance of San Francisco Bay. Though the Castillo de San Joaquin has long since fallen to rubble, a new fortress, known as Fort Point, now stands on the same site beneath a soaring arch of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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  • Bottles of wine lined up on a table

    The Hidden Vine: A Dionysian Delight

    April 01

    St. Paul famously recommended “a little wine for thy stomach’s sake.” Now, two thousand years later and half a world away, the advice is as sound as ever. If you’re a guest of the Harbor Court, you don’t have to travel to the Loire or even Napa Valley to enjoy a fine vintage.

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  • St Patricks Day parade car painted with images of San Francisco and adorned with flowers

    San Francisco Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

    March 06

    Home to a vibrant Irish community, San Francisco is one of the best cities in the nation to celebrate that raucous day devoted to Ireland’s patron saint. This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which is likely to attract more than 100,000 partiers, will kick off Saturday, March 17, at 11:30 A.M. at the corner of 2nd and Market Streets. 

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  • Close up on head of Chinese dragon parade float

    America’s Biggest Chinese New Year Parade

    February 05

    The Year of the Dog is almost upon us, and in San Francisco, more than a million revelers will celebrate on Saturday, February 24, at world’s biggest, most spectacular Chinese New Year parade outside of Asia.

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  • Aerial shot of woman wearing Groucho Marx glasses and lying face up on lawn

    A Fortnight Full of Laughter at the SF Sketchfest

    January 08

    January may be one of the chillier times of the year, but it’s still a comedy lover's paradise here in San Francisco at the SF Sketchfest. Now in its 17th year, this Northern California favorite offers up two weeks of side-splitting improv, sketch, stand-up, and film for your viewing pleasure.

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  • Woman in sunglasses at night with neon lights in background

    Illuminate San Francisco Festival of Light: A New Twist on an Old Tradition

    December 05

    Now that the holiday season is upon us, lighting displays seem to be going up all over the place. If you’re looking for a unique twist on this tradition nearly as old as electric lighting itself, you have to check out the Illuminate San Francisco Festival of Light.

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  • Antique camera and unravelled roll of film all in sepia tones

    A Cinephile’s Paradise

    November 06

    During the month of November, San Francisco is a cinephile’s paradise. Check out these upcoming festivals for your viewing pleasure.

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  • Men in lederhosen lifting long wooden poles at a festival

    Beer, Bratwurst, and Belly Laughs at San Francisco’s SoMa StrEat Food Park

    October 07

    As Autumn gently flecks its orange and yellow hues on the leaves of the Bay Area, the distinct simmer of bratwurst and sausage has also tinged the air. This combination can only mean one thing: it’s time again for Oktoberfest.

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  • 0917 Woman standing in front of massive tank of sharks and fish 59adc51fdcf05

    Get a Cool New View of San Francisco Bay at the Bay Area's Premier Aquarium

    September 04

    One of the great treasures of the San Francisco Bay Area scientific community, the Aquarium of the Bay affords visitors the opportunity to get up close to the fascinating and awe-inspiring marine life that make the Bay Area such a vibrant and unique aquatic ecosystem.

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  • Assortment of fruits and vegetables

    Sample NoCal's Freshest Organic Produce at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

    August 07

    San Francisco has long been at the forefront of innovation, and that means creating environmentally sustainable ways to live and play in our beautiful, historic city. That’s why we’re proud to recommend the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, a pioneer of California’s best sustainable farming practices for over 20 years. 

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  • Alcatraz prison on island

    Alcatraz: America's Most Notorious Prison

    July 01

    With the exception of the Golden Gate Bridge, no San Francisco landmark is as famous (or infamous) as Alcatraz Island, a name that has become synonymous with maximum security. 

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  • man playing Jazz on a trumpet

    The San Francisco Jazz Festival

    June 03

    San Francisco jazzes up June with the 35th annual San Francisco Jazz Festival from June 6th through the 18th: thirteen days, five venues, dozens of concerts, all located in the Hayes Valley.

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  • san francisco fort point

    Fort Point: A Piece of American & Hollywood History

    May 01

    At the southern entrance to San Francisco Bay, tucked beneath an arch of the Golden Gate Bridge, you’ll find Fort Point, an intriguing bit of American history you might otherwise have overlooked.

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  • cheese platter

    Wine Country Comes to San Francisco

    April 01

    California is America’s wine country, and though you might not expect the moniker to apply outside Napa Valley, The Hidden Vine brings the fruits of America’s (and the world’s) finest vineyards to downtown San Francisco.

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  • Man playing accordion and wearing green hat in a st patricks day parade

    An Irish Parade Just for San Francisco

    March 05

    Saint Patrick's Day is your opportunity to learn a thing or two about lovely Ireland.

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  • strawberry dessert with 2 glasses of champagne

    Lovers' Haunts and Cautionary Tales

    February 05

    This might just be the Valentine’s Day you always wanted.

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  • cup of espresso coffee in white cup on white saucer

    The West Coast's First Espresso Bar

    January 09

    If you only have time for one visit to a coffeehouse during your stay in San Francisco you must visit Caffe Trieste.

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  • metal sculpture lit up with purple lights

    The 'Illuminate San Francisco' Festival of Light

    December 04

    Illuminate SF Festival of Light is a 39-day event -- which began on Thanksgiving and ends New Year's Day -- has a new approach to the same-old commercialized, LED, neon-lit holiday decor.

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  • movie theater audience all wearing 3d glasses

    Oddball Films

    November 06

    Oddball Films is a movie theater in San Francisco, which, as its name implies, specializes in offbeat footage.

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  • Oktoberfest Family in a parade

    Your Guide to All Things Oktoberfest

    October 03

    Fall is in full swing and that means biergartens are popping up all over San Francisco.

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  • Leopard Ray viewed from above

    Spilling the Ink at Aquarium of the Bay

    September 12

    Ever wonder how cephalopods do their part to keep the San Francisco Bay a healthy ecosystem?

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  • fresh fruit

    Eatin' Seasonal in San Fran

    August 14

    In addition to eating local and eating organic, nutritionists advise us to eat seasonal.

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  • family at a museum

    Get a Bit of Disney, Minus the Crowds

    August 01

    One of the many benefits of visiting California is having the opportunity to go to Disneyland, the park that started it all.

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  • view of alcatraz from the water

    Brave the Rock

    July 01

    Few come to San Francisco without hearing of the dreaded Alcatraz. If you’re the kind of traveler who loves interactive visits with historic landmarks take the ferry from Pier 33 down at the Fisherman’s Wharf out to the Rock. Steel yourself—Alcatraz has the tendency to creep out even the sturdiest folks.

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  • harbor court hotel sf jazz fest

    San Francisco Jazz Festival | Music Festival Near San Francisco Hotel

    June 01

    On the 7th, things will kick off with a free celebration at the Proxy, an outdoor space in Hayes Valley between Octavia and Fell, where live music from Brass Band Mission and Beso Negro will serenade the crowd.

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  • harbor court hotel fort point

    Civil War History under the Golden Gate Bridge

    April 29

    Would you have guessed one of the greatest memories from your San Francisco stay would be of a Civil War-era fortress? Maybe not, but trust us - you’ll want to visit Fort Point during your stay in our San Francisco hotel.

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  • Red wine being poured into a wine glass

    Wine Lovers Rejoice

    March 09

    If you’ve been hoping to get a little taste of wine country while in San Francisco, you’re in luck, as there’s a wine bar just ten minutes from our waterfront hotel that gives you exactly that.

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  • san francisco bridge lit up at night

    Time to Light the Lights

    January 28

    While the Golden Gate Bridge may be the landmark visitors are more likely to associate with San Francisco, the Bay Bridge is an equally iconic piece of the city as well as a part of a massive art installation created by Leo Villareal back in 2013.

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  • san fransisco waterbar oyster happy hour

    Happy Hour on the Half Shell

    January 01

    San Francisco is synonymous with innovation and not just when it comes to technology. The city has actually one-upped the concept of Happy Hour - not an easy feat - with the Oyster Happy Hour.

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  • ice skating rink lit in purple lights at night

    An Ice Day for Skating

    December 01

    People don’t usually picture San Francisco when imagining a winter wonderland, but that just means they haven’t gone for a spin on the Bay Area’s largest outdoor ice rink!

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  • white jelly fish swimming in dark blue water

    The Museum is Alive!

    November 01

    If you're looking to spend a day discovering natural wonders and interacting with a whole host of animals and habitats, then you can't beat the California Academy of Sciences.

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  • small jack o lantern with a straw drinking a glass of whiskey

    Creepy Carnival

    October 01

    For the most fun this Halloween, the place to be is Pier 33 at the Haunted Carnival. Located less than ten minutes from our San Francisco waterfront hotel, the Haunted Carnival is the biggest party on the edge of the bay.

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  • Oktoberfest crowd

    A Toast to Oktoberfest

    September 06

    San Francisco celebrates all things German with Oktoberfest by the Bay, a festive three-day event kicking off September 25 at scenic Pier 48.

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