ranunculus flowers

Macy’s Annual Flower Show: Voyage to Oceanum Takes You on a Botanical Adventure

The annual show, which has been showcasing botanical artistry for over 70 years, is only seen in San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago—so if you’re staying with us this March, make sure you don’t miss it. It’s a must-see event that usually only the locals get to enjoy. This year, Macy’s marquee store in Union Square will be decorated in the vibrant shades of the deep sea, with formations artfully pieced together with a flurry of florals that depict sunken anchors, shipwrecks, mermaid kingdoms, and the gaping maw of an angler fish. In Voyage to Oceanum, A Sea of Inspiration, storytelling, and artistry come together to tell the tale of a hero sailing the high seas in search of a missing family heirloom.

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