Visit America's Most Notorious Prison

alcatraz island

Your visit to San Francisco won’t be complete without making your way to America’s most notorious prison: Alcatraz.

The prison opened its doors in 1934, housing 137 of the nation’s most captivating criminals, including James “Whitey” Bulger, Basil “The Owl” Banghart, and Al Capone. One of the most famous landmarks in the city, Alcatraz is now a museum open to the public with a fully immersive audio tour that will transport you back to the beginnings of this notorious prison. The clanking of the dishes, the boisterous talking among inmates, the crashing of waves, you’ll feel like you took a step back in time as you make your way through this national landmark. Be sure to check tour times and get your tickets ahead of time, the museum offers both day and night tours for truly thrilling experiences for everyone in the family.