woman in front of mural

Visit the Mission District Murals

You’ll see what we mean the next time you visit the Mission District. Rooted in Latino heritage and pride, this creative community is full of vibrant murals from passionate artists in the neighborhood. Carve out an afternoon to spend walking the streets of this soulful district—fences, sidewalks, exterior walls, you’ll find artistic, political, and thought-provoking masterpieces around every corner. Best viewed on foot (and preferably with a hot cup of coffee in hand!), look for Balmy Alley off 24th, Clarion Alley between 17th and 18th streets, as well as Orange Alley. The hot tourist spots are such for a reason, but there’s something to be said about these truly local experiences. During your next visit, immerse yourself in a part of the city most visitors don’t get to see.

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