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In an effort to do our part for the environment, the Harbor Court has partnered with a variety of organizations to help reduce our footprint on the environment.

Harbor Court has partnered with MALIN + GOETZ,

to replace single-use toiletries (like shampoo, conditioner and bath gel) with larger pump-top dispensers. The larger bottles contain the same amount of product as 10-12 individual bottles, which typically end up in the trash, not a recycling bin. This process helps to keep trash out of landfills and is estimated to have a 30% reduction from previous amenity plastic usage.
Learn more about this incredible partner here.

harbor court sustainability malin goetz
Harbor Court is a part of the CleanPowerSF program,

which provides 48% renewable energy to the hotel. Through a partnership with PG&E, CleanPowerSF electricity is delivered to the hotel through PG&E’s existing power lines in an all-out effort to build on its 100-year legacy of providing clean energy to San Francisco.
Learn more about this clean energy source here.

harbor court sustainability clean power sf
Harbor Court is fully retrofitted with energy-efficient Led lighting,

LED bulbs significantly reduce energy usage, have longer lifespans, reduced cooling cost, motion censored controls, and emit less UV radiation than traditional lighting options.
Read more about the LED technology leading California’s lighting conservation initiatives here.

Verdant Energy saving systems and sensory lighting are installed throughout all guest rooms to ensure efficiency.
Read more about these energy saving systems here.

harbor court sustainability energy efficient
Harbor Court Hotel is a proud partner of Recology,

that provides year-round guidance in revolutionary waste management procedures. While the hotel has extensive programs dedicated to sorting compost, recyclables, and landfill waste, Recology consistently finds new ways to reuse and salvage materials that help minimize our impact on the environment. Recology has provided over 100 years of service to the local community and environment.
Learn more about San Francisco’s effort to "waste zero" here.

harbor court sustainability recology
Harbor Court is a proud member of the Hotel Council of San Francisco,

The hotel and council are highly involved in joining our hospitality peers in "Stay Green Forums" and "Love Our City" cleanup initiatives that address our city’s landscapes and street conditions to keep San Francisco beautiful for all our visitors.
For more information and a schedule of events, click here.

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Going Green isn’t just for humans,

Harbor Court has partnered with Muttville, a San Francisco-based senior dog rescue organization that provides care for aging dogs facing euthanasia. Any guest that declines housekeeping service will not only help to show Mother Earth some love by reducing linen and wash services; but the hotel will pay it forward and donate a portion of the revenue from your stay to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, in your name.
Read more about this incredible organization dedicated to saving the lives of our senior furry friends here.

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Love Mother Earth BIODIVERSITY

Harbor Court hosts spectacular views of the San Francisco bay and its diverse wildlife. The hotel has joined forces with the Port of San Francisco and the Waterfront Resilience Program in an effort to ensure the conservation for native plants and wildlife along the famous Embarcadero Waterfront. 
Learn more about all of our efforts here.

Seals and sea lions
Social Diversity & INCLUSION

Diversity and Inclusion are in our DNA! The Harbor Court has built its foundation on the well-being and happiness of our teams and guest. Taking care of people and placing their needs as the highest priority has always been a core value, and will be our commitment for future generations!

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Philanthropic Efforts where NOTHING GOES TO WASTE

Harbor Court is dedicated to letting nothing go to waste. As part of our philanthropic efforts, we work with St. Anthony’s Foundation, a local non-profit, to donate gently used clothing and linen items from the community to help support the most vulnerable.

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