Time to Light the Lights

While the Golden Gate Bridge may be the landmark visitors are more likely to associate with San Francisco, the Bay Bridge is an equally iconic piece of the city as well as a part of a massive art installation created by Leo Villareal back in 2013. Titled "The Bay Lights," twenty-five thousand LED lights were strung across the bridge’s vertical cables and were lit nightly through 2015, when the installation reached its end. However, the lights proved to be so popular with the public that Caltrans promised to maintain the lights on a permanent basis if Illuminate the Arts could raise four million dollars. They were successful and on January 30th there will be a re-lighting ceremony just in time for the big game, which is being held in the San Francisco Bay area. And best of all, you’ll be able to see these twinkling lights out on the bay from your bay view room at our waterfront hotel.

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